Solids Development as Solid Partner for Pharmaceutical Development

A reliable formulation, a scale-up, or production issues –

In most cases, the resulting challenges in pharmaceutical development are multidimensional. Therefore, we can meet them most effectively in our pharma lab if we incorporate both pharmaceutical aspects, the characteristics of active ingredients as well as of excipients, and if we incorporate technological aspects in respect to technologies applied in production. A smooth operation and a successful pharmaceutical development are the basis. We secure both in our pharmaceutical laboratory by using innovative pharma technology to guarantee the best results.


By Your Side in Pharmaceutical Development: We Promote Your Projects in Our Pharma Lab

At Solids Development we are experts for pharmaceutical technology, meaning exactly this interaction of pharmaceutics and technology. In addition to theoretical consulting, we encourage you to benefit from our well-equipped pharmaceutical laboratory where we can conduct a wide range of trials for you. Our profound expertise on processes, technologies and substances allows us to support you in every department of solid dosage forms. Our team of experts is highly skilled and experienced in formulation development, scale-up, process engineering and pharma technology, as well as measurement and instrumentation technology – so in everything you need for a smooth pharmaceutical development.

We are happy to offer free initial consultations, even on short notice. Just give us a call or make an appointment via our booking calendar.


  • Formulation Development

    Our service portfolio includes the development of new formulations, the optimization of existing formulations, and feasibility studies for adjustments to production procedures (e.g., from wet granulation to dry granulation). We developed a method where we need up to 90 % less of the material required for conventional approaches. Learn more.

  • OEB 5 Lab

    We have built our own OEB 5 laboratory which allows us to offer you all our services even for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI). Learn more.

  • Transfer & Scale Up

    We support the transfer of your current production to a new machine or new place of manufacture by planning and conduction of the scale-up. Learn more.

  • Measurement & Instrumentation

    We take over the development of new PAT (Process Analytical Technology), the validation of measuring signals and the evaluation algorithms. Learn more.

  • Education

    Book our seminars with theory and hands-on sessions in our pharmaceutical lab or in-house with you. With an attendance of our seminars, you get deep insights in the processes and pharma technologyfor a smooth pharmaceutical development. Learn more.


Solids Development for a Secure Pharmaceutical Development

A better pharmaceutical development with Solids Development? This is what we are aiming for! Therefore, we build the bridge between pharma and technology. We accompany your projects in our pharma lab or in-house and give you with our long-standing experience as well as with our modern pharma technology the guarantee that you get forward with your projects. Book one of our seminars or get in touch with us in a first interview. We know how to overcome every challenge in pharmaceutical development and support you with our expertise.

Our Approach


The Team of Solids Development – We Run Solid Projects

Our team gets involved for your trials and provides everything for a smooth pharmaceutical development. We overcome every of your challenges in our pharma lab and find solutions for the bigger and the smaller issues in your pharmaceutical development – in transfer, scale-up or tabletting. During our training, you'll meet the team of Solids and get in-depth knowledge at first hand for your projects.