Our Approach

There Is No Standard Solution

We are firmly convinced of this. For this very reason we start every new customer relationship with an initial consultation. This free consultation helps us to exactly understand your situation and challenges. You are free to send uns some details on your situation beforehand. This can help us to better prepare for the first consultation with you. However, we can meet for an initial consultation even without you sending any details in advance. One way or the other, in this first meeting we will ask you for example what kind of trials you have performed already and what else is planned. Don‘t worry, there is no need for an extensive presentation. The questions will naturally come up during the discussion with our experts. Even if during this initial meeting first ideas for the next steps come to us, we will need a little time to hatch them to find the ideal solution for you. We call this phase „conception“. If you prefer to try these first ideas yourself, and then manage to solve the problem, we will be happy for you and hope for a quick feedback. Otherwise, we will continue with our conception and draw up a solution proposal. We will discuss this with you and incorporate your feedback.


Problem solution is the stage when we perform the proposed trials in an agile process. This usually involves iterations as trial results cannot be predicted. Depending on the respective results it might make sense to adapt the trial settings before starting the next iterations. We don‘t do this on our own authority, but always confer with you. All in all, we set much store by close cooperation and we give you updates in coordinated intervals, at the latest when we obtained new (interim) results.


The final stage is Documentation: We document all trials performed and the respective results. If you wish, we will write a comprehensive and informative final report or status reports on your project.