Understanding the Nip Angle in Powder Compaction

In a publication in @‌ScientistLive on December 11, 2023, Dr. Barbara Fretter from Solids Development and Michael Schupp from Gerteis provide insights into estimating the nip angle, a crucial element in the roller compaction process.

The study highlights the importance of the nip angle in the compaction process, focusing on the Thin Layer Model. This model enables understanding the density change of powders during compaction and accurately estimating the nip angle. Particularly interesting is the finding that lower bulk densities require larger nip angles, attributable to the varying compaction properties of the powders.

The authors demonstrate how the nip angle is influenced by various factors such as roll force and the gap between the rolls. Their findings indicate that stronger compaction leads to larger nip angles, which in turn requires higher specific roll forces.

A crucial insight for the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors where roller compaction plays a key role. The ability to accurately estimate the nip angle can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of the compaction process.

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