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It offers insights into the role of the roller compactor and explains why granulation is a crucial step in tablet production. We highlight the essential elements of the dry granulation process and emphasize its critical importance for quality assurance and efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The functional units of a roller compactor ant its role  for ensuring product quality is detailed. We discuss the specific properties of the units for feeding, densification, and milling. Special attention is given to understanding nip angles in powder compaction, the impact of specific roll force, solutions for material feed issues, and the choice between compactors with fixed and adjustable gaps.

Furthermore, the influence of force and gap width on the quality of the granulese is discussed, at-gap density is introduced as an alternative to ribbon density, and the concept of the operating space in roller compaction is explained. The summary also covers the scale-up process, the manufacturing space, and provides a guide for initial experiments in the development of dry granulates. Additionally, a method for the development of dry granulates on a small scale is presented, saving material – an important consideration when active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are available in limited quantities or are very expensive.

Here is the link for the download: Summary „Dry Granulation“

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