Get-to-Know us: Formulation and Process Development with Solids Development

April 2024: Your Personal Invitation to an Exclusive and Free Introduction

Your opportunity to getting to know us without obligations.

Would you like to discover us and our working methods? Are you looking for a new partner in the field of formulation and process development for solid dosage forms? In April 2024, Solids Development is offering a special get-to-know-us campaign. We characterize the tabletability of your product free of charge.

Feel free to apply.

Please note that the offer is limited and applying and does not guarantee acceptance.

What is in for you?

Free Product Characterization

We determine the tabletability of your product by a force-hardness and speed profile– as our welcome gift.

Efficiency Through Precision

About 30 - 50 grams of your sample are sufficient to demonstrate our expertise.


Highest Transparency and Security

We treat your product with the utmost care and guarantee complete confidentiality.

Insight into Our Working Principles

You will receive our detailed results and impressions into our methodological approaches and processes.

How to Secure Your Participation

Use the Bewerbungsformular, to become part of this exclusive campaign The offer is limited – seize the opportunity to get to know us without obligations.


Terms and Conditions

Data Agreement

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Why Solids Development?

As long-standing experts and problem solvers in the pharmaceutical industry, we focus on quality, innovation, and reliability. With Solids Development, you choose a partner with outstanding by outstanding solutions and sustainable success.

1. How to participate 

 Eligible for participation are only products up to a maximum OEB-3 level. It should be a solid powder, granule, or mixture. Additionally, the product must not be explosive, non-volatile, and non-biologically hazardous. If you are shortlisted, we will require the MSDS.

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel the trials after reviewing the MSDS, even after acceptance.

2. We are reviewing the applications.


3. We will contact you to coordinate the next steps.

Important Notes for Your Participation 

Your Contribution to a Safe and Efficient Analysis

These steps are essential to ensure high safety while protecting your data and materials. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and trust.

Product Information

Before we characterize the tabletability of your product, we need some information. For the trails, we can only characterize products having an OEB-3 level or less. Also, no volatile, explosive, or biologically hazardous products are allowed. Therefore, we need:

  1. the complete Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of your product or of all ingredients and the composition of the product. 
  2. the signed confirmation of the OEB level of your product

After reviewing the documents, we reserve the right to cancel your participation. If the review is uncritical, nothing stands in the way of scheduling your trial.

Confidentiality Agreement (CDA)

We understand the importance of protecting your data and intellectual property. Therefore, we offer to conclude a confidentiality agreement (CDA) before starting.

Supplying of your Product

The product can be a pure powder, a granulate, or a powder mixture. Please provide the product ready for tabletting. Depending on the composition, it may be better to perform final mixing steps just before tableting. This can be discussed after acceptance.

The product is provided by you free of charge. The costs for shipping and any customs and customs processing fees are at your expense.

Characterization of the Tabletability

The tablet technology characterization includes

  • 1 force-hardness profile with 4 compaction pressure levels, each with 5 tablets.
  • 1 speed profile with 4 levels, each with 5 tablets

The trials are conducted with a Styl’One Evolution. Typically, we use the simulation profile of a medium-sized rotary tablet pressand a round punch with a diameter of 11 mm and a radius of curvature of 11 mm. Alternatively, you can provide us with your punch. The resulting shipping costs are at your expense.

The action does not include the creation and shipping of sample tablets. However, this can be individually agreed upon in advance. As result, the participant receives a short report including meaningful tableting results.